Laser Dentistry

Garden Valley Dentistry is pleased to offer the latest in dental technologies.  Dr. Antolin and staff continually attend continuing education events where they are taught the latest in dentistry – including the use of lasers in practice to get great results.

Our office uses the SiroLaser Blue system for a variety of treatments.


Some Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Improved bacterial reduction

Use of the SiroLaser blue can reduce bacteria in gums, surgery, and certain cases.

Less post-operative pain

The SiroLaser Blue delights users and patients alike, since it makes uncomplicated healing possible and reduces post-operative wound pain.

Mostly scar-free wound healing

It often makes sutures unnecessary, and thus usually mostly ensures scar-free healing of surgical wounds. Another advantage is that it may be possible to dispense with antibiotics after endodontic, periodontic, or surgical treatment.


The SiroLaser Blue is especially useful in Dental Implants.  The laser treatments can help reduce bacteria before and after surgery and can also reduce pain, bleeding and healing time.