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Extractions and oral surgery are one of the most common procedures performed by Dr. Antolin. An extraction may be considered when a tooth is damaged beyond repair or its surrounding gum is diseased. During this procedure, the tooth is completely removed from its socket and pulled out. This process can take a couple of minutes or just a couple of seconds, depending on the case.



Dental extractions are often necessary to prevent further damage to a tooth or to relieve pain. But before performing the procedure, your dentist should assess whether there’s enough healthy tooth structure left around the damaged tooth to allow for placement of a dental implant, bridge, or other restoration.


Your dentist may recommend tooth extraction if you have:

  • Severe tooth decay (cavities).
  • A fractured tooth.
  • An impacted tooth.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Severe gum disease.
  • Tooth luxation or other dental injuries.


When you need to have a tooth removed, your dentist will likely recommend an extraction. There are many reasons why a tooth may need to be taken out. If your tooth is too badly damaged for repair, or if it’s impacting other teeth, your dentist may suggest extracting it. Depending on the situation, your doctor may use local anesthesia or sedation to keep you comfortable and help relax your jaw muscles, allowing for easier removal of the tooth.

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Felicia CruzFelicia Cruz
18:41 14 Jun 22
Excellent experience with amazing results and truly wonderful staff all around! From the moment you walk into the office, you are greeted and the staff make you feel welcome and even calm the nerves. I am always so nervous when visiting dentists and the staff take the time to also explain what you are in for. I went in for a teeth whitening, something I have been so nervous about and Dr. Rhea Antolin is so calming and reassuring about the process. I could not believe how white my teeth were after one session so I decided to come back for another. You will not be disappointed with your results and the entire experience will be smooth and worth it!
franchesca quezadafranchesca quezada
16:09 10 Jan 22
Very nice and professional staff, explained everything really well.
00:35 17 Jun 21
Long story short. I’m travel through Texas had an infection in my molar and the pain was all the way up to my ear. The team did an extraction and cleaned it all out in no time at all. Pain free and back on the road.Staff was very specific with instructions for my after care. Staff made my family feel comfortable and kept them at ease with my progress.A+Facility equipment is current and cutting edge. A+Thank you guys so very much.
Machaela CooleyMachaela Cooley
16:05 29 Mar 21
Always a great experience. Doctor Antolin truly cares about her patients and always takes her time with treatment. Her front office staff and assistants are friendly and welcoming.
Robbie CooperRobbie Cooper
17:16 04 Nov 20
I couldnt b more happy! Tis is the go to dentist here!! I LOVE MY TEETH NOW!! U will definitely c me with a smile on my face!!
madison eguremadison egure
17:16 15 May 20
I just recently started coming to Garden Valley Family & Cosmetic dentistry and they are top notch. Even throughout this whole chaotic pandemic they still seem to get the job done so well while keep us and them safe. Garden Valley really goes the extra mile for their patients. I really recommend coming to them for any dental needs!
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