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Laser dentistry can be used to treat a variety of oral health issues, including tooth decay and tooth discoloration.


Lasers can give Dr. Rhea Antolin greater control during dental operations. They can aid in reducing pain, shortening treatment times, and mitigating problems. Laser dentistry treatments may be conducted solely with lasers or in conjunction with additional dental tools.


What is laser dentistry?


Lasers are a relatively recent dental technology. During restorative procedures, lasers are utilized to remove or restructure tissue, cure bonding chemicals, and activate bleaching agents.


Dentists must complete specialized training in order to be qualified to utilize lasers. Dentists who utilize laser treatments have a comprehensive understanding of how the technology functions, how to use it properly, and how to select the appropriate lasers and wavelengths for various operations.


Laser dentistry can improve treatment outcomes since the dentist has perfect control over power output and exposure times. Lasers can aid in reducing bleeding, inflammation, and the risk of infection. In some instances, they can avoid damage to good teeth and gum tissue during the treatment.


Laser treatments can lessen or eliminate the need for dental drills, which may also reduce your anxiety.


What can be treated with laser dentistry?


Numerous restorative and cosmetic dental procedures now employ lasers.


If laser treatments are available at your dentist’s office, they will discuss them with you during your consultation. They may provide you with the option between laser dentistry and more conventional procedures.


Laser dentistry can be used to treat:

  • Tooth decay – When preparing a tooth for a filling, lasers are more efficient than dental drills at cutting and shaping tooth enamel. Lasers may also be utilized to improve the adhesion between a filling and a tooth. or to eliminate deteriorated tissue during root canal therapy.
  • Gum disease – Infected or inflammatory gum tissue can be removed with minimal collateral damage to healthy tissue. Additionally, lasers can assist reveal tooth roots for plaque removal.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth – Lasers can be used to remove gum tissue in order to expose wisdom teeth that have partially erupted or are impacted (stuck) in the gum.
  • Sensitive teeth – Lasers in dentistry can seal tubules in tooth roots to lessen sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) – In the temporomandibular joint and adjacent tissues, low-level lasers can help relieve discomfort and inflammation.
  • Stained or discolored teeth – Lasers are sometimes utilized in professional teeth whitening procedures to accelerate the bleaching process and activate the bleaching chemical.
  • Gummy smile – If you wish to change the appearance of your smile, your dentist may suggest laser therapy to restructure your gum line and remove excess gum tissue so that more of your teeth are visible.
  • Mouth ulcers – Lasers may be used to alleviate pain or remove tissue for a biopsy if you have a persistent ulcer or lesion in the mouth.


What are the benefits of using laser dentistry?


Using lasers in cosmetic and restorative procedures has numerous advantages over conventional approaches. Your dentist will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of laser treatments so that you may make an informed decision.


Laser dentistry may help avoid anesthesia or stitches. Additionally, it can help:

  • shorten treatment duration and recovery time
  • minimize bleeding and swelling during surgery
  • reduce scarring of surrounding tissues
  • reduce the risk of infections
  • guide tissue regeneration
  • reduce discomfort and anxiety


However, there are several limits to laser dentistry.


For example, lasers cannot typically be used on teeth having fillings. In addition, they are typically less effective at extensive restorative procedures, including as preparing teeth for crowns or bridges.


Due to the expense of the equipment, laser treatments are typically more expensive than conventional dental care.

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hanna formacion
hanna formacion
It was truly a great experience for my dental care . Dr. Rhea was superb. She has a compassionate heart dealing with her parents most especially with gentle hand work. She is the BEST !!! Highly recommend .
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Psi Rho
Two thumbs up!
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Brittney Harrison
Great experience!
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Angela Ruiz
When I first moved here in 2017 this was the first dental office I went to and have been going to ever since! Dr.Antolín and her staff are super sweet and the place always has a comforting environment. I’ve had many good experiences here.
Herman Moreno
Herman Moreno
I love this dentist, how many people do you hear that from? Very gentle hands, I usually dread the shots but Dr Antolin puts me at ease and I barely feel it! I highly recommend this place.
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Mary Lou Antonio
Frienly dentist and staff
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alida kwe
My son loves that office because of TV, treasure box and the nice. I am just glad as a mother that my kid is not afraid of the dentist. I personally love the fact that the office is always clean at all my visits. I recommend her to all my friends and family. I trust her as a dentist.
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