Best Treatments To Keep Teeth Healthy And Youthful

Different Types of Dental Implants Treatments

Best Treatments To Keep Teeth Healthy And Youthful

Garden Valley's Types of Dental Treatment

Garden Valley’s Types of Dental Treatment

There are various dental treatments, from traditional to modern surgical procedures to those that do not require anesthesia. Dentists perform these treatments to ensure optimal dental health for their patients.

When it comes to dental health, good oral hygiene is of great importance. However, most people face some oral problems in their lifetime. Therefore, everyone needs to have some basic information on the subject. Here are ten of the most common dental procedures.

#1 Teeth Cleaning

Dental Treatments: Teeth cleaning


Teeth cleaning is the most common reason for visiting the dentist. Some experts recommend cleaning every six months, others once a year. Teeth cleaning should be an integral part of your oral care routine because your toothbrush can never be as efficient as the dentist’s instruments.

#2 Teeth Whitening


Some people are sensitive or allergic to the whitening agents dentists use. But otherwise, it is a simple treatment that can be easily performed in most dental offices. If you want to do the treatment at home, you should remember that teeth whitening kits require a lot of time and effort. 

Professional whitening is faster and safer because experts do it. Usually, dentists use a special hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light source to whiten teeth faster.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Aftercare -Teeth whitening Touchup

#3 Extractions


Tooth extractions are not the most pleasant dental procedures; they sound scary and painful. But your dentist will do their best to make you feel comfortable. You will probably be unconscious or thoroughly sedated when a tooth is pulled. You won’t feel any pain! In fact, extractions almost always prevent further pain.

teeth extraction

#4 Veneers


If your teeth are discolored or crooked, your dentist may recommend veneers. A dental veneer is a first-rate solution to common problems. It is a thin, custom-made shell that covers the front part of a tooth or row of teeth.

Veneers are mainly used for corrective purposes but can also be used for whitening. The treatment is simple and painless for most people, and it is also relatively easy for dentists to perform.

Putting veneers

#5 Fillings


Dental caries are common, and a filling is the recommended solution for most of them. Acidic compounds in food and your body can easily damage tooth enamel.

Fortunately, filling cavities is a straightforward procedure in most cases. You’ll be given a sedative. You may feel some discomfort during the procedure, but in principle, it’s not painful. If you feel slight pain, don’t hesitate and tell your dentist.

Garden Valley's Best Oral Care Routine
Dental Crowns

#6 Crowns


If the cavity is too large or the upper part of the tooth is carious, a tooth-colored fillings and crowns cannot help. However, scientific progress has made another solution possible, namely crowns. Placing dental crowns is a procedure that requires two visits but, like fillings, shouldn’t be painful. Your best dentist in Roanoke takes an impression of the decayed area so a lab can make a custom-fit crown covering the decayed tooth.

Some dental offices have computers that can analyze x-rays and use printers to make a crown! That was the work involved in the first visit. The second step is placing and fixing the crown, which should be quick and painless.

Root Canal Treatment

#7 Root Canal


Most people are reluctant to think about root canal treatment, which is associated with a nasty toothache. A root canal is a type of tissue in or under the tooth that’s responsible for supplying the tooth with nutrients and moisture. If it’s infected and inflamed, you should undergo this treatment.

The dentist will need to kill the nerve and remove the tissue to eliminate the pain. Sometimes you’ll need to take an antibiotic before the treatment. The good news is that you’ll be anesthetized beforehand, so you’ll not feel any pain. After the procedure, which takes a few hours, you’ll feel numb for a while. After that, hopefully, the pain will go away because the infection has been eliminated.

Braces or invisalign

#8 Braces (Invisalign)


Most practices are transitioning from traditional metal braces to Invisalign. This new orthodontic treatment can also straighten your teeth. The goal is to correct crooked teeth because straight teeth are often healthier and easier to care for – and not just for aesthetic reasons.

Traditional braces are made of metal and other materials that slowly tighten teeth. Invisalign works more slowly and is less visible. Nevertheless, it is a very effective method to achieve the same goal.

Dental Bonding

#9 Bonding


This is another way to repair damaged teeth. Dental bonding uses a resin – a type of plastic – that your dentists use to restore or change the appearance or structure of the tooth. This treatment can also increase the size of a tooth. For example, if you have a tooth shorter than the others and want all your teeth to be the same length, bonding can help.

Compared to other dental treatments, bonding is less invasive, especially when dealing with minor imperfections. The procedure requires several layers to bond the resin, and each layer is light-dried. Finally, the area is polished and cleaned.

Dentures by Garden Valley Dentistry: Crown Delivery Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

#10 Dentures


Dentures are removable artificial teeth made of plastic or metal that replace natural teeth. They are made individually with the help of impressions (moldings). There are two types of artificial teeth:

    • Complete dentures: these replace all the teeth. 
    • Partial dentures: They replace one or more missing teeth.


Dentures are essential if you lose your natural teeth because the loss of these teeth makes it difficult to chew your food. If you don’t replace the missing tooth, it will adversely affect your diet and may cause your facial muscles to slacken.

We Help You Achieve A More Beautiful Smile

If you are a candidate for any of these dental treatments or need more information, schedule an appointment with one of our Dr. Antolin today. We’ll be happy to help you make the best decisions for your oral health.

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