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Implant Post Operative Instructions

A dental implant has been placed in your mouth. The implant may be located above or below the tissue. This type of implant has been selected for your situation because of the bone available to place an implant. The implant will usually take a period of four to six months to heal; depending upon your body’s healing properties and the type of implant surgery.


If sutures were placed around your implant, the sutures will dissolve on their own. It is unnecessary to return to the clinic to remove the stitches. In between 5 and 7 days, stitches will dissolve completely. During this time, avoid drinking or eating anything particularly hot.


Typically, you can continue to use your existing partial or flipper, if applicable. Occasionally, it’s important to leave it the night before operation. During the healing time, it is crucial to keep the equipment as clean as possible.


Every effort must be made to maintain the surgery site clean and devoid of food debris.


If prescribed an antibiotic, take the pills or liquid as indicated. Take the entire prescription until gone. Antibiotics can be administered to aid in preventing infection. Call the office immediately if a rash or other adverse reaction occurs.


Instructions for oral hygiene and further useful information:


NO SMOKING! Dentist-prescribed smoking cessation duration must be observed. Smoking greatly reduces the body’s ability to repair the surgical site by increasing the temperature at the surgical site.


Alcohol with post-operative drugs, commercial mouth rinses, and extremely hot liquids SHOULD BE AVOIDED following surgery.


The day following surgery, gentle mouth rinsing should commence. Frequent, gentle rinsing with lukewarm salt water will promote healing (add one-half teaspoon of salt to a 6oz glass of water). Do not utilize a water-pik toothbrush.


Pain: Unfortunately, oral surgery is typically accompanied by considerable discomfort. If you do not have an allergy to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil), you should take this medication before the local anesthetic wears off. Pain that is more severe may necessitate narcotic pain medicine. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using narcotic pain medication; it will impair your reaction time. If necessary, alternate Ibuprofen (2 tablets/200 mg) and the narcotic medication every two hours. Use Ibuprofen or Tylenol once you feel you can stop taking the opioid. Additionally, you may be prescribed an antibiotic mouth rinse to be taken twice daily for the first two weeks after implant surgery. No pharmaceutical dosage should exceed the recommended amount.


Swelling: Some edema and mild bruising are likely and may be expected. The body’s typical response to surgery and recovery is swelling. The swelling won’t be noticeable until 24 hours after surgery, and it won’t reach its peak for two to three days. The swelling should diminish after this period, but it may continue for seven to ten days. Immediate application of cold packs can help reduce swelling. Apply the ice packs to the outside of the face for 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off while awake for the first 24 hours.


Begin applying a warm, moist compress to the cheek after 48 hours.


Bleeding: A modest quantity of postoperative bleeding should not bother you. If the bleeding is heavy or persistent, please contact us immediately. Rinsing the mouth vigorously prolongs bleeding by eliminating the clotting blood, so rinse your mouth softly.


DO NOT drink from straws. Using a straw causes negative pressure in the mouth, which tends to loosen the sutures.


Diet: Following surgery, you should consume only liquids and soft foods for the first day. The following day, you may resume your normal diet, but you should avoid chewing on the implant location until the tissue has completely healed. Suggestions include Jell-O, pudding, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, and soups. Try blenderized foods or nutritional supplements such as Carnation Instant Breakfast and Ensure if you have difficulties chewing.


Implant Follow-Up: We will do periodic examinations until the implant has healed. This is often between four and six months, depending on the implant surgery.



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